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Batch ECDSA in zkSNARKs

Batch ECDSA in zkSNARKs (0xPARC)

October 3, 2022 bySuccinct Labs

By John Guibas and Uma Roy. With gratitude to Yi Sun for writing the original spec, Jonathan Wang for circuit design help, and the Optimism & Arbitrum team for fruitful discussions.

We present circom-batch-ECDSA (link to repo (opens in a new tab)), a proof-of-concept implementation building on top of circom-ECDSA (opens in a new tab) (previous work done by others in the 0xPARC community) with inspiration from halo2-batch-ECDSA (opens in a new tab) that allows for dramatically faster verification of a batch of ECDSA signatures in a single SNARK.

Please visit (opens in a new tab) for the rest of the article.